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Coyhaique/Cerro Castillo Trip Overview

(7 nights / 6 days)


This fly fishing trip is based in the Coyhaique Valley and Cerro Castillo lake systems in Central Patagonia. The remoteness and beauty of the region creates the allure of the American West a hundred years ago. Coyhaique is the largest town in the region and serves as the cultural and trout fishing hub in Central Patagonia.

The valleys that are situated among the dry grasslands, the Andes, and the Pacific Ocean present a wide variety of angling options that range from diminutive spring creeks to large glacial rivers that offer wild resident trout yearround. Between Coyhaique and Cerro Castillo, there are over twenty lakes with both rainbow and brown trout. In addition, the fjords that barricade the mainland from the Pacific Ocean serve as an entrance point for migratory trout and salmon.

These valleys offer excellent dry-fly fishing opportunities. Anglers can toss grasshoppers and beetles in every undercut bank, and sight fish for hunting trout in the shallow riffles and back eddies. This trip is reserved for anglers of all skills. The fishing may take place on jet boats, rafts or walk/wade depending on the destination and fishing conditions...

 Southcentral Patagonia Trip Overview

(6 nights / 5 days)

This fly fishing trip is based inside the General Carrera Lake watershed in Chilean Patagonia which offers some of the most remote, ‘off-the-grid’ angling opportunities for trophy brown and rainbow trout in the area. General Carrera is Chile’s largest lake (700+ sq. miles) and is the second largest lake in South America, only smaller than Lago Titicaca in Bolivia. The trout that inhabit ‘Carrera’ grow big and thrive in the lake’s deep cold waters. Our operation targets these fish as they transition from the lake into the headwaters of the watershed through a number of glacial tributaries.

There are more than twelve different fisheries with over 200 miles of gin-clear creeks and rivers flowing from the rugged Andes Mountains and native beech-tree forests to the Pacific Ocean. With dramatic natural scenery combined with outstanding fishing opportunities for wild browns and rainbows. The early spring season (October/November) and the late summer and fall (February to April) respectively present the most suitable water conditions with serious trophy-size fishing opportunities. Streamer fishing is definitely a good option...

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